Wareing_Laura_OtherPanning Wareing_Laura_PSpanning_1 Wareing_Laura_PSpanning_2 Wareing_Laura_PSpanning_3

The idea behind this project was to get a single subject in focus with the rest of the background around it to blur. Another thing we had to do was make a still image look like it was still with a moving background called fake out panning. My goal for this project was to take interesting pictures that would catch peoples attention.

I took the photos I have because I thought the subjects were interesting and gave me a variety of different types of subjects to highlight. The picture with the 4 photos in it are the natural panning photos I took outside as cars and others moved in front of my cameras and I followed the subjects to get the background to blur. The other 3 photos  are my fake out panning photos were I made the backgrounds behind the subjects in them blurred.

Visit Below:

How to do Panning without really panning:


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