This project was inspired by how the arcitect of the world holds letters hiding within it. For this project we had to go around the school to find letters or take photos of letters we saw by our homes without them being written or typed letters. We also had to have a four or more lettered word to create from the letters. My goal for this project was to do a word most people think of but don’t really consider what it means.

To those who can’t read the word I created it spells Beauty and I chose to take pictures of letters for this word because most people don’t stop to think what it really means and not just its physical definition of the word. Beauty for me at least means that you always see the good in someone or something even if others say there isn’t and if they say that you’re wrong. I used the things that I see every day knowing theres a purpose for them and using them for something else that becomes pleasing to the eyes and other senses.

Visit below for letter ideas:


2 thoughts on “Alphabet

  1. The word you created was unique and each letter was different.
    I like how you found “Beauty” in different places. The one that stood out to me the most was the letter “Y” Nice Creativity on this photo. 🙂


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