The idea for the Hockney project was inspired by David Hockney who took many photographs creating a scene from all of them and putting them in a collage. The purpose behind this project was to create a scene without moving from one spot taking at least one-hundred photos. My goal for this project is to show what I see from one of my favorite spots to eat lunch.

For my collage of Hockney i wanted to capture the the simple beauty in the middle of the concrete world of high school life. I wanted to show that even when it looks like it’s never going to end there are times and places where it all just falls away to something better. I shot the pictures this way to give the nature on campus the center of attention.

Visit the links for how to’s:

GIMP Program: http://www.scottphotographics.com/how-to-make-a-hockney-style-photograph-in-gimp/

Photoshop: http://www.photoseis.com/how-to-hockney-collage/


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