Hello world! About Me

perez, kristine_portrait1 perez, kristine_portrait2 perez, kristine_portrait3

I started this blog as an assignment for my photography class some of the posts will have certain things posted to them that others will not. I became interested in photography after we moved back to California from Texas and my grandparents came to visit us and I was taking photos of all the activities we were doing and my grandfather said that they were far better than some of the ones he was getting and that he liked how i got the light to reflect off of certain things to highlight the person in my photo.

I have other interests as well now that I’m older I have taken an interest in the Culinary field and enjoy making food for people and become ecstatic when they say that its good. The photos above were taken by a classmate for their portrait project and I like the way that these photos capture a moment in time. Although my reason for continuing this blog and keeping it updated is to make it a place where people can go to be creative whether it be pictures people take or pieces of stories that they write.

Tips for starting photography: http://digital-photography-school.com/11-tips-for-beginner-photographers/


3 thoughts on “Hello world! About Me

  1. Excellent tale. For me. I wished I’d had popcorn (you should put up a popcorn disclaimer: this story is great with a snack). But for you? Lovey hell. Bee has a small Curious George. we’ve had him, I don’t know, about five years now. We lost him, in a real, panicky way, once. It was on a nehhobirgood stroller walk. Other moms rallied to cruise the ‘hood in their cars. We recovered Georgie. He’s currently in Bee’s room, fallen to the side of the bed until tomorrow night, or our next family outing. I’d be lost without him.


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